Kayak The La Jolla Sea Caves

Explore Sea Cliffs & Caves

Observe Unique Marine Life

Learn How to Kayak

Join us on our La Jolla Kayak Tour of the 7 caves, a favorite of both local San Diegans and visitors alike. Glide through the La Jolla Ecological Reserve filled with marine life, and explore the astounding sea caves and cliffs. Paddle to all seven caves, including Sunny Jim’s Cave, the Arch Cave, the Clam’s Cave, and others, for amazing close-ups of sandstone formations. On this popular La Jolla cove kayaking tour, you’ll observe sea lions, garibaldi, leopard sharks, shovelnose guitarfish and even the occasional dolphin.

Why Kayak The Seven Caves in La Jolla?

No Kayaking Experience Required! Our certified guides will start the tour with a safety orientation and paddle instructions, so you can master our “sit-on-top” kayaks on the calm waters of La Jolla.

Access To The La Jolla Sea Caves: You’ll experience a kayaking adventure you’ll never forget as you explore the otherwise inaccessible La Jolla sea caves, which only our certified tour guides are permitted to access.

Observe Marine Life You’ll see plenty of unique marine life as you paddle along the La Jolla Ecological Reserve, filled with sea lions, harbor seals, the California garibaldi, leopard sharks, and even the occasional dolphin.

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Tour Details

What You Need To Know


From $59 per kayak (depending on kayak type; single, double or triple)

Departure time

9am until 2 hours prior to sunset (latest tour leaves at approx. 5pm depending on time of year)


Monday – Sunday, all year round (weather permitting)


2 hours (90 minutes on the water)

Participation requirements

All participants must be able to swim without the assistance of a personal floatation device.


– Kayak
– Paddle
– Life vest (with emergency whistle)
– Helmet
– Backrest
– Waterproof map

Weight restrictions

– 275 lbs. for a single kayak
– 450 lbs. for a double kayak

About your guide

– Certified guide
– 1:5 ratio guide per person

What You’ll See And Do

Two kayakers in the La Jolla Caves

Our certified La Jolla guides will commence the kayak tour with a safety orientation and paddle introduction, no previous kayaking experience required!

Our Kayak Tour of the 7 Caves takes place in the La Jolla Ecological Reserve, where you will explore three unique marine habitats. During your paddle over to the La Jolla sea caves, your guide will share fun and interesting facts about the marine life, sea cliffs, and caves you’ll be exploring. You will also be keeping a lookout to spot marine creatures such as sea lions, leopard sharks, and the occasional dolphin and fish species like the California garibaldi.

Kayaking in the La Jolla Ecological Reserve is the best way to explore the underwater world of marine life. The harmless leopard shark can be seen from atop the kayaks. The best time to spot them is from May to October, which is when they appear in the shallow, warm waters of La Jolla shores. Interested in a close underwater encounter? Check out our Kayak and Snorkel tour!

Good To Know

Our beach staff will assist with launching and retrieving the kayaks at the beginning and end of the tour.

This tour is fun for the whole family, including children 6 years and up, with swimming capabilities.

The La Jolla sea caves are only accessible when permitted by a certified tour guide on one of our La Jolla Kayak tours.

The tour is fun and educational, as our certified guides will give you interesting facts and information on the area and the La Jolla Ecological Reserve.

Our “sit-on-top” kayaks make it easy to jump in and out of the water, allowing you to enjoy closer encounters with local fish. Click here to view our snorkel gear rental , or choose our Kayak and Snorkel tour to optimize your kayak tour experience.

Our guides undergo safety training and are 100% certified. Local to the area, they are expert watermen and women with experience specific to our destination. Click here to meet our tour guides!

Sunset Kayak Tour Of The 7 Caves

Explore Sea Cliffs & Caves at Sunset

Observe Unique Marine Life

Learn How to Kayak

Discover the magic of a sunset tour on our La Jolla Kayak Tour of the 7 caves—a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Glide through the vibrant La Jolla Ecological Reserve, exploring stunning sea cliffs and enchanting caves. Witness sea lions, garibaldi, leopard sharks, and occasional dolphins up close, creating unforgettable memories of this renowned kayak adventure. Don’t miss the captivating sunset ambiance, making it a truly magical experience on this La Jolla cave tour.

Customer Reviews

See What Our Customers Say About Our Kayak, Snorkel and Bike Tours

Vanessa was so much fun and a great guide for our kayak tour! We loved listening to her stories and had some sea lions surprise us by hunting about 20 ft away! Also, we wouldn’t have wanted to wipe out in front of anyone else 🙂
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Brittany Mathiot Avatar
Brittany Mathiot
Michael and the other guides were awesome. Educational, informational, and super fun. We learned a lot and had a great time. I would do it again.
(opens in a new tab)
Jonathan Schneck Avatar
Jonathan Schneck
Great guides that work there ! Informative , fun kayak experience . Entering the cave was amazing ! Well worth the trip.
(opens in a new tab)
Constance Mulhern Avatar
Constance Mulhern

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