Frequently Asked Questions

La Jolla, California is known for its world famous swimming areas and Cove. It is home to hundreds of species of marine life like the California Sea Lion, Garibaldi and Leopard Shark. La Jolla is a great place for snorkeling, diving, swimming and surfing.

Yes! Bike and Kayak La Jolla offers kayaking rentals and tours of the La Jolla Cove area part of the Ecological reserve which offers a unique tour of the Seven Caves of La Jolla where experienced guides take guests through the seven caves that hug the Cove’s coastline. During this tour guides will be pointing out the marine life that calls La Jolla Cove its home.

Guests who have booked a kayaking or snorkeling tour will arrive at Bike and Kayak Tours inc. in La Jolla located on 2158 Avenida de la Playa92037.

Bike and Kayak inc. has facilities available for guests to change into their appropriate attire. In addition,there are shower facilities located at the beach for guests to rinse off after enjoying their time on the water and a foot rinse back at the store.There are also lockers you can rent

Guests should be prepared to get very wet on their tours! Some lucky participants come back only wet from the waist down and some folks get to have twice the fun and get fully soaked. Sea kayaking is an incredible way to see the La Jolla Cove area, however, you can get very wet! We recommend bathing suit, towel and a change of clothing as well as applying sunblock before heading out onto the water.

Due to the nature of the ocean, those renting equipment or participating in tours from Bike and Kayak are required to be comfortable swimming on their own in the water.

La Jolla Cove is a beautiful area that hosts thousands of snorkelers, divers, surfers, and kayakers every year. Much of the area is an underwater park home to many species of marine life, including the California Sea Lion! Bike and Kayak employs knowledgeable and friendly guides to help visitors become more acquainted with the area and to help address any concerns they may have about swimming in the cove.

Don’t let the ‘shark’ in Leopard Shark deter you from interacting with these harmless gentle giants! Bike and Kayak offers special Leopard Shark Encounter snorkel tour to see these beautiful creatures up close and in their natural environment.

Leopard Sharks can be found along the California coastline year round, but from early June through October they stay in the warm shallow waters of the La Jolla Shores and Cove area to reproduce. Visit us in early June for an incredible experience swimming with the sharks.

Leopard Sharks can be found all along the Pacific Coast of North America. They prefer the shallow coastlines as well as the plentiful kelp forests found along the west coast.

Yes! Leopard Sharks arrive in the La Jolla shores yearly June through October for breeding season. Bike and Kayak offers special snorkeling tours where visitors can swim alongside these gentle creatures!

Leopard Sharks can be found all along the coastline in San Diego, but will be most easily found in La Jolla Shores. The best way to see Leopard Sharks and other marine life that frequent the area is to book a kayak and snorkel tour with San Diego Bike and Kayak. Experienced guides will take visitors out on kayaks to see the beautiful kelp beds that house much of La Jolla’s marine life.

When swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking in La Jolla Cove it is quite common to encounter Sea Lions. Sea Lions frequent the La Jolla Cove area and are known to hangout just to the left of the main cove entrance. They are wild animals and while they are not immediately dangerous, they should be respected at all times.

The infamous Sea Lions of La Jolla hangout on the rocks to the left of the official La Jolla Cove entrance. This colony also ventures out into the water of the marine park and is known to swim alongside kayakers and snorkelers.

La Jolla Cove is home to hundreds of species of marine life living in the La Jolla Ecological Preserve. La Jolla Cove also boasts

You are able to Kayak in La Jolla Cove but you must enter on the La Jolla Shores side. Bike and Kayak inc. offers kayak tours and rentals from their shop just a few steps away from the La Jolla Shores.

You are able to snorkel all along the coast in La Jolla but the best place to see plenty of wildlife is in the La Jolla Underwater Park. You can access this via the La Jolla Shores or the La Jolla Cove entrance. The best way to see this park is to take a tour with an experienced guide.

The bright orange fish is called a Garibaldi. They call the western coast of California and Baja their home and are known to hide between rocks and seaweed. You can see these fish in the La Jolla Cove area.

The La Jolla Cove area is home to hundreds of species of marine life. The most commonly spotted are Sea lions, Leopard Sharks, and Garibaldi. As you look closer while snorkeling, you can spot lobster, stingrays, guitar fish, and much more!

The Seven Caves of La Jolla Cove are open to swimmers and kayakers. It is recommended to go with experienced guides when touring the sea caves as touring companies like Bike and Kayak will provide life jackets and helmets to ensure safety.

Bike and Kayak inc. provides a Freefall bike tour, going from the top of Mount Soledad all the way to Pacific Beach. Along this tour you will see the picturesque pacific ocean and the beautiful beaches San Diego has to offer while getting exercise!