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The Leopard Sharks are back! Mid June is the start of the Leopard Shark snorkeling season.

San Diego’s La Jolla Shores and Cove boasts some of the best snorkeling and diving on the west coast and one of the main attractions is coming back. The famous gentle Leopard Shark is returning to their breeding grounds of the La Jolla Shores! Snorkeling in La Jolla is always a treat no matter the time of year, but you do not want to miss Leopard Shark season.San Diego Bike and Kayak*’s La Jolla location is just steps away from the iconic La Jolla Shores, where these gentle fish swim freely.


Along the coast of Baja all the way to Oregon Leopard Sharks are a common species found in the vast networks of kelp forests. Known for their leopard-like spots, these sharks can be as long at 7 feet and seamlessly glide along the water looking for bottom feeders. Local guides at San Diego Bike and Kayak are happy to take visitors out into the open water to witness this incredible migration and point out other creatures that call San Diego’s waters home.



From June to October, this subspecies of Houndshark visits the warmer and shallower water of the La Jolla Shores for mating season. The La Jolla Shores are a long stretch of beach hugging the famous La Jolla Cove, where Sea Lions are known to dive through the waves and beach themselves on the rocky cliffside. Many do not also know that in the La Jolla Cove and along the La Jolla Shores you can swim with sharks.


The shallow area of the La Jolla Shores is the perfect place for a Leopard Shark to gently float along the sand and eat a variety of bottom feeders while kayakers, snorkelers, and swimmers enjoy their activities.


The best time of day to see Leopard Sharks is early in the morning when the water is calm and glassy. This provides a great opportunity to see Leopard Sharks up close in a relaxing environment.


Leopard Sharks are a docile creature, and during these months it is hard to not find them swimming alongside you at the cove. They will be there 24/7, however, the best viewing opportunities for any kind of snorkeling will always be when the waves are calmer.



One of the best ways to ensure you see the sharks is by taking a guided snorkeling tour where an educated and knowledgeable guide can direct you to the best areas to see these magnificent creatures in action. In addition to the Leopard Sharks, the guides will also be keeping a look out for anything worth mentioning. Snorkeling in La Jolla is a great opportunity to see a variety of different species of fish and other wildlife, even the occasional sea turtle!

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